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Interview with Designer and Artist David Cox

David Cox is the founder of Aevion.net, a blog where he shares his graphic design talents online. This young and aspiring designer (only 20 years of age) creates elegant pieces with such detail that the artwork becomes alive. Many will be surprised that David has never gone to school for design or art and is currently studying to become a Health Professional. His creativity is flourished through his passion to create things.

As David puts it nicely, “Graphic Design is my hobby, and I feel that if I can keep it optional, I will never lose my love or desire to create things because I will never be forced to create things on demand (as one might in school or a design related job)”. Even though he’s a Health Professional by day, he transforms into the creative Graphic Designer by night… two completely polar halves that make up a whole. We hope you enjoy the interview.

How did you get started and discovered that you wanted to be a designer?

I first started out in a computer science class when I was about 15. One section of the class was devoted to creating websites, and within no time, my passion was born. I spent the majority of the class making websites (we had the freedom to spend time on anything computer related) and I was designing and creating websites from then on out. I was soon introduced to the Gimp, a free photo editing software similar to Photoshop, and I built up my skills using that program before ultimately switching to Photoshop a few years ago. Throughout the five years since then I’ve loved every minute spent with Graphic Design (and I’ve made some good money along the way with it as well) so I knew that I wanted to be a Graphic Designer… even if it wasn’t a full time profession.

Cloverfield Effect

What inspired you to create Aevion a tutorial site?

Aevion has come quite a long way since the beginning. Originally it was a tutorial site (brought on by seeing sites like Tutorial9, PsdTuts, and Abduzeedo, and wanting to do something similar), but it quickly became more of a portfolio for my art. I believe that if I hadn’t have made this switch then I might not be doing this interview right now, nor would my Photoshop skills be anywhere near where they are today. It was during the time that Aevion was a portfolio site that my art flourished into what it is now, and it was also the time when my skills developed to the point that I can accomplish whatever I want with the software. Recently, Aevion returned to a tutorial site, and my portfolio has become a separate site… I’m trying to give my readers an easier way to find what they want on Aevion.net, primarily tutorials.

Aevion Typography Experiment

Are there any underlying themes that you feel are universal in all of your pieces, or do you try to vary your style?

I’m not sure that I have my own site quite yet. I feel that the best way to become proficient at whatever you want to do, is to imitate the leaders in the field. For example, I have studied the works of artists like Alberto Seveso and James White, along with the incredible work of special effects companies like Digital Domain. It is from this research that I was inspired and driven to create something equally as beautiful and magnificent. I guess I would say that I vary my style, because I like to do a bit of everything. I’m sure that along the way I will begin to add more and more of “my style” into every piece, and maybe in a few years I will have a distinct style. If I had to guess what my style or themes would be in the future, I would guess something modern and futuristic with special effect type stuff (that’s my favorite) that would appear as if it were taken out of film or cinema (with the coloring effects etc.).

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