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Interview with Designer Narendra Keshkar

Narendra Keshkar is a 26 year old artist from Indore, India. He’s always been amused with colors and shapes as a child where he began drawing at a young age. Later, he digitalized his skills and turned his passion into a profession. His thirst for knowledge keeps him busy with experimenting ideas and learning new skills. Most of his time is spent on teasing his mouse in creating some pretty cool ideas. A milestone that most artists dream of is having their own studio which Narendra will be launching his own design studio “Design Wings” very soon. Lastly, what keeps this artist sane and energized are books and PC games which like most guys, are obsessed with.

How did you started and discovered that you wanted to be a designer?

I had passion for drawing since my childhood, but I didn’t expect to choose it as my profession. I started my career as content developer and along with it I persuaded a graphic design course. This was my turning point and I saw the true color of creativity & design. After this, I decided to be a designer, initially I had created some weird design with bold font and a lot of images, but later I understood the importance of simplicity. Since then I am continuously improving my skills and developing my own style to stand out in this design field.

Are there any underlying themes that you feel are universal in all of your pieces, or do you try to vary your style?

Simplicity, this is the most important factor which reflects in my most projects. I don’t like repetitive or monotonous work due to this, I prefer to work on the project which has something new and demands additional skills with more dedication. Such projects are very exciting for me which give you an opportunity to learn something new to do that project. I love to experiment with new ideas to get my hands on new styles & techniques which also enhance my skills too.



Your pieces are very simple and elegant. What is the key in portraying a this style, without overwhelming your users?

It’s quite challenging to create an awesome art while maintaining simplicity. Trying out new ideas and further experiments can easily go wrong and lead to result that doesn’t meet your expectations. Due to this, I take inspiration and learn many things from various great artists by making collaborations and increasing communications with them. I believe in KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) principle and similarly I continuously gather new techniques and skills get better results.


What sort of time goes into your artwork?

I’m a little bit slow in my work and I don’t rush to complete a project as it seriously compromise on quality which I don’t prefer. I believe in consistent work, which is organized in various sessions and steps. I follow an effective design process which involves proper briefing and thorough research and organized in various steps to get best results. I give enough time to each project to get best results, due to this, I take limited projects and work on only few projects simultaneously at a time. I work on my personal projects after getting time left from client’s projects. Some time I allocate a time slot for my personal project when there is no other project aligned at that time slot when my project needs to be done in priority. Usually it takes three to six weeks to complete a project based on the complexity and efforts needed in the project.


Looking ahead, what are your goals for the future?

I’m working on my various personal projects to achieve my goals in the future. I own a personal design studio “Design Wings” to provide design services in better way. I’m working on its website and will be launching soon. I also have a plan to create a blog dedicated to design & creativity. I am also learning zbrush to improve my 3d sculpting skills. In short I have a complete list of to do in future and confident about achieving my goals.

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