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Interview With Cristina Duran | Photoshop Tutorials

Cristina Duran is a Postproduction artist/owner of Studio Panorama. Her personal works have a very nostalgic feel with its muted tones and textures. She collaborates with Paul Cassidy (whom we also did an interview with) for some projects including Faith, Star Sailor, and Ghost Road (Carretera Fantasma).

First off, we’d like to know more about you. Can you tell us more about yourself?

Ok, I´m from Galicia, the northwest of Spain. I studied Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca where I specialised in painting. I studied in Milan for the final year of my degree and there I began to love the photography. Then I came to Madrid where I started to study photography and then photographic postproduction. I worked as a retoucher for 4 years at the studio of the photographer Eugenio Recuenco. Nowadays I have my own retouching studio (www.studio-panorama.com -a little bit of marketing ;)-) apart from doing other things like teaching retouching, collaborating with people and not as often as I´d like to I do my personal projects (photo-illustration)

When did your love affair with photography and illustration begin? Have you always been into artistic endeavors?

I started painting when I was a little girl as many people do. I always said that I wanted to study Fine Arts but I don´t know exactly why but I remember that I loved to look at the old pictures that my mum kept in a drawer in the livingroom. I have most of them now in a drawer in my livingroom!



What tools/apps do you usually use in creating your pieces?

In my illustrations I only use brushes and photographies/images, maybe the scanner as well, layer masks, color adjustments and tirando millas (this is difficult to translate into english but basically means getting by)!



In your experience, what were the moments that you have struggled or had difficulty in coming up with a concept? How did you overcome?

It tends to happen more in Advertising. Sometimes clients commission a project but your not fully sure you understand the direction. When this happens I find that dialogue with the client is the best thing to do.

In my personal work, I don´t have the same time pressure, so I stop, leave it to one-side and I have a look at it a few days later. If this doesn´t work, I leave it a bit more and dialogue with myself while I study the image. If this doen´t work, maybe I leave it a bit more or just leave it altogether :).

Some of your work, like StarSailor and Faith, are collaborations with Paul Cassidy and All About Tomorrow. What was your experience like in doing series like these?

I really love working like that. I love participating in a project from the beginning. When you get involved in a project from it’s birth you understand it better, and you can fuss over it, like a child. And you learn. You learn from the others and this is very nice.


Star Sailor





What mediums or techniques do you explore?

I love color and color management and I always like to discover new things about postproduction, how to optimize the image, how to get the best results from digital files and the print process.

I like to look at images as well, I always have fun analyzing them and trying to learn. I´d like to learn audiovisual postproduction too, and I´m trying to, but I need more time!



Do you have a particular trademark or style that your try to keep in each of your work?

At the Retouching Studio, apart from trying to adapt the colour and retouching to each clients needs, I try not to be heavy-handed or to over-retouch, I like to get a clean result.

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