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18 Spectacular Aerial City Photos

Here are 18 examples of good aerial/skyscraper views of cities. Aerial photos give cityscapes a breathtaking perspective and shows the size and scale of a city. These photos are great addition to any landscape photographer portfolio. Some photos were shot from a helicopter while others from skyscrapers.


Downtown Dallas, Texas | Jupiterimages

Chicago Aerial

Chicago, Illinois | Ron Chapple Studios

Toronto City Centre Aerial

Toronto City Centre | Aron Brand

LA Highway

Highway interchange at Los Angeles, California | Ron Chapple Studios

Singapore skyline

Singapore skyline and freeway | Matthew Weinel

New York Skyline

Hazy New York city skyline | Ken Cole

Charlotte Aerial

Charlotte, North Carolina football stadium | Jupiterimages

West Frankfurt Aerial

West Frankfurt | Andrew Chambers

Tokyo Aerial

Tokyo Twilight | Mihai-bogdan Lazar

NYC at Night

New York City at night | Goodshoot

Chicago Night

Cityscape, Chicago, Illinois | Getty Images

Tokyo Tower Aerial

Tokyo Tower | Jfperon

Aerial view of Chicago

Night time aerial view of Chicago | Mayamoody

Tel Aviv Skyline

Tel Aviv Skyline | Slidezero

New York Manhattan Aerial at Sunset

New York Manhattan | Ilja Mašík

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