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Create a Fiery City War Scene in Photoshop

Learn how to create this amazing photo manipulation by Andrea García! This tutorial starts by compositing the city landscape using several stock photos then moves on to adding fire and flame. After that, you’ll learn how to add a gas mask to a model and finish up with a warm color effect and a few additional details.

Preview of Final Results

Tutorial Resources

Step 1 – Size

Go to the menu File – Open. The file has to be Width200px. Height 1700px.


Step 2 – Base

You have to star with a base image, this is the one is going to be at the bottom of everything, you can use a texture and add a Gaussian blur (Filter –Blur – Gaussian blur) to have something like this:


Step 3 – Wall

Let’s start with the wall, place the image of the street and add a layer mask, You can find the layer mask option at the bottom of the layers menu.


Step 4 – Hide

Paint over the layer mask with the black brush until you have something like this, remember to make the edges of the wall, don’t worry if is not perfect is just to have the idea.


Step 5 – City

Open the image of the city and place it like this:


Step 6 – Blending

Repeat the process you did before, create a layer mask and hide everything except the buildings, you can make the selection with lasso tool and then pass the black brush to hide the undesired parts.


Step 7 – Multiply

Change layer mode from normal to the option multiply.


Step 8 – Sky

Place (Menu File – Place) the image of the sky above the other images.


Step 9 – Soft Light

Change layer mode to soft light.


Step 10 – Dark

In a new layer ( Ctrl+Shift+N) Pick a soft round brush (black) and paint around the buildings and sky, all the upper part of the image, use the layer in soft light mode. You can set the opacity of the brush to pen pressure if you have a tablet, if you don’t you can use 40% of opacity.


Step 11 -Fire

Like you did before place the layer of the fire


Then change the layer mode to soft light and  change the opacity to: 60% and the fill to 50%.


Step 12 – Gaussian Blur

You can add some Gaussian blur to this image, because right now this layer is going to create the lighting of the flames, So go to Filter- Blur- Gaussian Blur.


Apply 50px of radius.


Step 13 – More Fire

Now add more fire, place another image of the fire and add a layer mask like you did before, so you can hide the edges and make a better blending of the image.

Tip: Is important that all you elements or at least most of them, are smart objects because you can always go back if you make a mistake, is a lot easier to fix it.


Step 14 – Layer mode

Change layer mode to screen and reduce the opacity of the layer to 50% and the fill to 80%

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