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Create a Cartoon-Style Graffiti Text Effect in Photoshop

Learn how to create graffiti text from scratch in Photoshop! This tutorial will show you how to use layer styles and finish the effect with a vector-style brick background.

Preview of Final Results

Download the PSD

Graffiti Text.zip | 16.32 MB
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Graffiti text effect tutorial


Step 1- Create a New Document

Create a new 1000×500 pixels document. You can do this by going to File > New.


Step 2

With the background layer selected, use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the layer with #D0CFCF.


Step 3 – Text

Now for the text create a new layer, you can go online and find a font that would best fit your design or for my tutorial I created a rough sketch of how I wanted my text to look and scanned it into my computer. Next, grab your pen tool and make one of the letters. I used the word “Graffiti”.


Step 4

Make a selection from the work path (right-click>Make selection) fill it with any color for now


Step 5

Rename this layer. In my case I named this layer “G”. Duplicate this layer, place this layer underneath the regular layer. Double click this “G Copy” layer so that it brings up the Layer style box and change the color.


Step 6

Then move the “G copy” layer upward 5px by using your arrow keys and also move it 8 or 9 pixels to the right.


Step 7

On the original “G” layer add these layer styles, lets start with the Inner Shadow





Step 8

This is how it should look so far. Go to your “G copy” layer, once you have selected this layer go to Layer>Layer Style>Create Layer. Now select your Burn tool and darken in some areas. Once you have finished that take your Dodge tool and highlight certain parts. Note: The green circle is where I used the Burn tool, the red circle is where I used the Dodge Tool.



Step 9

While the “G copy” layer is still selected add a Drop Shadow.


Step 10

Create a new layer and on the “G copy” layer make a selection of it and add a Stroke. Edit>Stroke, place this stroke layer beneath the “G copy” layer.


Step 11

Create a New Layer and rename it “Squares”, grab your selection tool and make some squares fill it with #8cb809


Step 12

Now we will add the highlight, create a new layer and with your pen tool create the place for the highlighted area. Fill it with #FFFFFF


Step 13

Erase the unnecessary areas. To do this make a marquee selection of the original “G” and “G Copy” layer (while holding the ctrl+alt key, select the box next to the layer’s name) Select>Inverse, then delete while the highlight layer is still selected.


Step 14

Change this layer to ‘Soft Light’ and add this layer style (Layer > Layer Style > Inner Shadow).


Step 15

Repeat these same steps for the rest of your letters









Step 16 Cloud

Create a New layer and rename it “cloud”. Place this layer beneath the letter layers. Grab your brush tool and use different sizes of circles to create the cloud. I used the color #e40480. Once finished duplicate this layer


Step 17

Add these layer styles to the original layer (Layer > Layer Style > Bevel and Emboss).





Step 18

This is how yours should look.


Step 19

Create a new layer above the cloud layer and with a #FFFFFF soft round brush place some highlights around the cloud. Make sure the opacity on the brush is very low.

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