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Interview with Graphic Designer and Digital Artist Fabio Araujo

A talented graphic designer and digital  artist Fabio Araujo shared some of his thoughts about his works as we go through in this interview. He specializes in the creation of advertising visuals, creative retouching, matte painting. Also, he is a graphic designer for five years and the three years of them are done professionally.

As an artist, how would you describe your artworks?

My images are usually about places and moments I see day by day, in life or in a movie.

Is there a particular artist that inspires you in your artworks? If so, who is this artist and how does he/she inspires you?

Erik Johansson is a great inspiration for me, the creation process of his work is incredible, it is clear the admiration I have for him in some of my works.


Is being a digital artist your dream job? Why or why not?

Yes, I would work only with Digital Art, I love photography and edition, I love what I do.


What are some strengths you have that few other artists don’t?

I believe that I have a great affinity  in working with color and perspective, this helps the end result of my work.


What are your other skills aside from the skills of being a digital artist?

I have no knowledge of photography, I am not a professional photographer but I believe I have an affinity with photos.


Your Emirates artwork caught my attention. What is the message behind this picture?

‘Emirates’ was the first image I did after I move on from Brazil to the Emirates, I was amazed with the city built in the desert and wanted to go turn that admiration in an image.


Do you have new projects planned for 2015?

Today I do not have much free time as before, I will gradually creating images in my spare time, I have some projects in progress, and I intend to finish soon.


How do you see yourself five years from now?

I do not imagine, I live the moment but I would like to work only with Photography and manipulation, it is my dream to work only with that.


More about Fabio Araujo

Fabio is currently working as a designer at an advertising Agency in Abu Dhabi. Check his Behance profile to see more of his works.

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