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12 of the Most Photorealistic Drawing and Painting Tutorials

We browsed the web to find these 10 photorealistic drawing and painting Photoshop tutorials. Topics include Photoshop paintings, Photoshop renderings, and photo retouching tutorials.

Photoshop Paintings

Me and Louie’s Sister

Me and Louie’s Sister

By Daniel “Wade” Hammonds

This painting tutorial by is one of the most popular pieces of photorealistic paintings on the internet. This tutorial will show you many great techniques such as how to paint hair, make skin look wet, add sweat, and more. The author also describes some mistakes he made in the process.

Making of Yuka

By Lukasz Szeflinski

This lustful image looks like a photograph but upon closer inspection, you can tell it is a digital painting. In this tutorial, the author shows you his process from sketch to final results on how he recreated a photograph in Photoshop.

Rihanna Digital Painting

By Kyle Lambert

This digital painting by Kyle Lambert is just one of his many photorealistic works. This tutorial will walk you through his process for creating this painting. You can also see a speed painting video of his process in his Rihanna Digital Painting video.

Photoshop Renderings

How to Draw a Photorealistic iPhone 4 in Photoshop

By Pintilei Adrian

This detailed tutorial will show you step-by-step how to create the iPhone 4 in Photoshop. The tutorial is detailed enough to be followed by any experienced Photoshop user but be warned, it is a very long tutorial!

Create a Realistic iMac Icon in Photoshop

By Antonie Trejbalova

Learn how to create this full iMac setup with Photoshop using just a few tools. As with any tutsplus tutorials, it’s a high quality and well written tutorial that’s not too long and not too short.

Render a High Detail Leica M8 Camera Photoshop Tutorial

Render a High Detail Leica M8 Camera with Photoshop

By Mihai Valentin

Learn how to recreate this stunning image of a limited edition white Leica M8. This is a very lengthy Photoshop tutorial that will show you every step of the process. A PSD with 186 layers is included at the end of the tutorial.

Create a Mobile Phone Styled Like the HTC Touch Diamond

By Constantin Potorac

Find out how to create this photorealistic HTC Touch Diamond phone in Photoshop. This is a detailed tutorial with great results. The best part of this tutorial is where Constantin shows you how to add amazing reflections that makes the results photorealistic. He’ll also show you how to use the drawing to create a wallpaper.

Create a Realistic Pencil Illustration in Adobe Photoshop

By Stephen Petrany

Learn how to draw this photorealistic pencil and paper in Photoshop. Stephen will show you how to create the shape of the pencil, create a realistic wood texture, and add reflections and shading to create this realistic image.

Digital Matte Paintings

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