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23 Photos Shot with Lensbaby

Here are a some examples of photos shot with Lensbaby lenses. Lensbaby lenses are specialty lens that create a targeted focus effect and is a popular tool in the photography scene. Have a look at the creative photos using this effect.


Technical Guru | Andrea Gingerich

Seashells on the Beach

Seashells on the Beach | Purplecat

Open Book

Open Book | Sabrina Dei Nobili

Eyeglasses and Book

Eyeglasses and Book | Nancy Ross

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom | Sabrina Dei Nobili

Red Poppy

Red Poppy | Sabrina Dei Nobili


Orchid | Karina Tischlinger

Roestig Hart

Roestig Hart | Stanislav Sokolov

Paris on the Vegas Strip

Paris on the Vegas Strip | ©Judy Tejero | Dreamstime.com

Modern Fighter Jet

Modern Fighter Jet | Keith Gentry


Cactus | Valentin Casarsa

High Voltage

High Voltage | Alison Grippo

Sleepy Cat

Sleepy Cat | Sabrina Dei Nobili

Vitruvian Man - Leonardo Da Vinci

Vitruvian Man – Leonardo Da Vinci | ©Simon Booth | Dreamstime.com


Devastated Bush on Rocky Ground | Valentin Casarsa

City Traffic

City Traffic | Purplecat

Old Cars at Junkyard

Old Cars at Junkyard | Sascha Burkard


Footprints | Michael Palis

Christmas Tree at Dusk

Christmas Tree at Dusk | Purplecat

Laundromat Sign

Laundromat Sign | Heath Hiles

Prints in the Sand

Prints in the Sand | Sabrina Dei Nobili

Stones on Beach

Stones on Beach | Valentin Casarsa

Globe-Eyed Goldfish

Globe-Eyed Goldfish | Holly Sisson

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