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Designing Catchy Webpages using Depositphotos

You can find plenty of example resellers online with products including web graphics, vectors, icons, and other useful resources. I think there is a much larger market for designers and freelancers who need access to quick graphics for a website display.

And compared with typical pricing you can expect Depositphotos will carry a much larger collection. Their products are not all geared towards webmasters, but a large segment of categories can look good on homepages and inner webpages. I have found numerous icon sets which are perfect for landing designs and startup launches. Corporations also may use a lot of slideshow photos to display new features or product releases.

Looking at the Network

You can check out their file pricing which offers solid rates even at the lowest amount of credits. Purchases and downloads take place over a daily limit, and you can re-subscribe at any time. This subscription methodology is what makes Depositphotos flexible enough to stagger your downloads out over a larger period of time.

But to get all of this in perspective we should check out the more related products. You can visit their custom search page for web design graphics and check out all the latest releases. There are lots of catchy UI effects, such as banners and buttons and even vector shapes. This can promote an easier practice of designing new website mockups from scratch.

I feel the catalog really puts together the essence of what designers need most. Specifically freelancers and smaller design agencies which are handling the websites of various clients. This will mean you are always switching between different topics of interest, and the need for graphics will change frequently. But as Depositphotos is always quick to update their new releases it will be worthwhile keeping up on sales.

In the Future…

Although Depositphotos may not solve a huge problem right now, there are always new work opportunities just around the corner. Keep your eyes and ears open for when you may need to fill the void in your layout with a new graphic or stock photograph. There are dozens of search queries you can try out for a solid experience. And since there are product releases almost every week/month, you can be sure to find loads of new goodies.

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Posts on the helpful Depositphotos’ Blog will keep you updated on the latest news around the website. I do not check posts often, but the blog does contain great suggestions for designers. And it never hurts to keep yourself in the loop with new happenings around the digital community. Graphics design has scaled into a tremendous field with a high demand for great quality work.

If you also want to get into the Reseller program, check out the signup page for additional information. Talented designers can earn a commission by selling their products in the Depositphotos shop. It is another route worth looking into for those who are impressed with Depositphotos and their products.

Author: Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a creative designer, illustrator, and web developer. He frequently writes articles involving new-age design concepts and freelance management skills. You can find him in Google or follow his tweets @jakerocheleau

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