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Interview with Photo Manipulator Jarka Hrnčárková

If you visit our website frequently, you’ve probably already read many Photoshop tutorials from Jarka; she’s written some of the best tutorials on this website. Jarka is an artist from Czech Republic and focuses on portrait and fashion photography/photo manipulation. In this interview, you’ll see some of Jarka’s work and learn about her inspiration.

Interview with Jarka Hrnčárková

Tell us about yourself and the work you do.

I´m Jarka, I´m 22 years old girl from Czech Republic. I started with photography and photo manipulations about four years ago and it quickly become my passion.

I started as nature photographer and have tried many different styles before I´ve found what suits me best, which is portrait and fashion photography and fashion photo manipulation. I also write tutorials about post processing and photo manipulations (mostly here on PhotoshopTutorials) and write blog about the same topic.

How do you keep the work you do unique and different from others?

I focus on things which I like and emotions I feel and try to put these into my work and hope that it´s what makes my work unique. I like to show others how I see the world around us as a magical place with lots of hidden emotions and stories to tell.

I think that another aspect which makes me at least a little unique is that I don´t see borders between photography and photo manipulation. Both are digital mediums which should allow you to share your visions with others … any means necessary 🙂


What programs / software do you use?

For almost everything I use Photoshop. It´s excellent program with so many options so almost anything can be done in it.


Where do you draw on for creativity and inspiration in your work?

Lots of inspiration comes from movies, paintings and photos of other artists. I can become inspirited by color palette I see, light setting, prop … well by almost anything. Then I tried to find different way how can I compose that certain element into my work.

Lots of ideas have also come to me at night when I was trying to fall asleep and I just lied in bed with closed eyes and let my mind to do whatever it wants.


On average, how much time do you put into the work you do?

It varies for photo manipulation and for photography. To do post processing of photography usually takes me from five to ten hours, it depends on how much retouching I do, how much I play with colors, lights and shadows etc.

Doing photo manipulations takes me much longer. If I don´t count time I spend on taking stock photos, it´s usually at least twenty hours in Photoshop. But again it depends on many things. I was able to finish some pictures in few hours and some were so hard for me that it took me several days.


What was the most important lesson you’ve learned along the way?

Always be patient, especially in Photoshop. Except of doing one dramatic adjustment with only one tool, try to combine more different tools/adjustments. To get better results it´s better to use e.g. smaller brushes, lower opacities etc.

Another thing I learned – you can learn almost anything from internet. Just try to use google and you´ll be surprised how many tutorials are out there. Everything I know I´ve learnt thanks to kind people who share their knowledge with others.


Describe your most accomplished work you’ve done.

It´s probably the manip below (I wrote a tutorial about it here on PhotoshopTutorials!). I´m really proud on this picture because I achieved certain style I wanted to learn for couple of months. Also client was really satisfied with the work which makes it all even better 🙂

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