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30 Powerful and Free Drupal CMS Themes

I think it’s a safe bet to assume Drupal is one of the most appreciated open source CMS platforms based on PHP/MySQL. Knowledgeable web developers would agree that Drupal CMS offers more customizations from the backend, without hacking into your theme files. There are also plenty of members in the community who provide support and release their own internal codes for plugins & templates.

This showcase of free Drupal themes is focused on the more popular releases you can find. This collection includes a series of minimalist and complex Drupal layouts, many of which support responsive mobile screens. For developers who are not familiar with Drupal, this is an excellent way to learn the template system by hacking some changes into the more lightweight themes. If we have missed any good themes out on the net please drop a comment and share with us in the post discussion area.



Deco free theme for drupal 7 cms


Full garden theme website drupal template


bluebreeze drupal theme cms download freebie


Mosaic drupal theme freebie cms


freebie drupal theme 7 download template

Journal Crunch

journal crunch website interface layout design

Skeleton Theme

skeleton drupal theme freebie basic bare bones


super minimalist theme drupal freebie template


Drupal beach website interface template layout


Grassland website drupal freebie theme download preview


free drupal theme 7 vimeo clone layout template

Magazeen Lite

Magazeen website interface layout design


classic minimal drupal theme freebie fontfolio typography


freebie drupal 7 theme download template preview


BlueMasters Drupal freebie download theme template display

Acquia Marina

water ocean website template design layout


freebie theme template download display drupal7


awesome creative drupal theme freebie demo preview


openchurch open source drupal theme download

Elegant Theme

freebie elegant theme download classics


purple website theme drupal classic template freshie

Shaken Not Stirred

Drupal freebie template james bond shaken stirred website


premium responsive website layout design purple banners


sigmaone website layout design interface classics


touchpro website drupal freebie theme preview

TB Sirate

tb sirate drupal theme template freebie preview

Responsive Blog

basic Drupal template theme responsive blogging article theme


Drupal CMS free summertime template download

TB Blog

TB Blog website content management system theme template

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