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10 Great Design, Development And Inspirational Posts From Around The Web

There’s tons of great articles written by designers and developers that are published every week so I thought I’d give the spotlight to some of those cool folks! Here are 10 great posts about design and development that I read this week and wanna share with you guys.

Here we go:

  • 50 Beautifully Delicious Coffee Designs: I love coffee, and apparently a lot of designers and developers do too! This post showcases some amazing examples of ‘Latte art’.
  • 15 Must Read Articles for CSS Beginners: Whether you’re getting started learning CSS or you’re already pretty good at it, it doesn’t hurt to go back to some of the basics. This article features 15 great articles for CSS beginners (and some more advanced stuff too)
  • CSS Fundamentals: Containing Children: Another great post from NET TUTS, also about some CSS basics, definitely worth checking out. You never know, you might learn a thing or two.
  • PHP Security: Guidelines to Lock Down Your Website: No website is safe from hackers so why not make sure yours is as secure as possible? This article from Design Reviver offers some priceless tips and techniques.
  • 20+ Resources and Tutorials for Creative Forms using CSS: If you’re looking to build a form I’m sure you could use some tutorials and tips on the topic. Here are 20 resources and tutorials to help you out!
  • 20 Questions To Ask Clients Prior To Designing A Logo: Designing a logo (or anything else really) is no easy task and it’s always better when you know what to ask your client before you actually start working. Here are 20 questions you might want to consider asking your clients.
  • 9 SEO Tips You’ve Probably Forgot About: Some basics but still very powerful SEO tips in this article by David Walsh on JustCreativeDesign. Worth checking out for sure!
  • New Design, New Features and More – It’s FreelanceSwitch v3: The new FSw design is awesome (in my opinion), they added some great new features and one I’ve been waiting for for a while is the ‘Freelance Directory’. You can now create an account (check out mine here), add work samples, testimonials and other cool things. Only thing that bugs me a bit about the new design is the use of sIFR for the post titles since it automatically removes some characters and you can’t easily right-click to open a link in a new tab. But I have to agree with Collis, it does look pretty damn awesome! 🙂
  • 25 Excellent Examples of Using Texture in Web Design: I love textures and some sites use textures very nicely. Here’s a showcase of 25 sites using textures (with a bit of grunge here and there)
  • The Web Designer Declaration of Independence : For all of you living in the U.S., Sam Dunn from Build Internet! gives us The Web Designer Declaration of Independence. Happy 4th of July!

Your Turn To Talk

Hope you enjoyed this post. I’m thinking of making round-up posts a weekly feature here on SpyreStudios, what do you think? Good idea, bad idea? Lemme know in the comment section 🙂

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